Terms And Conditions


Oven Envy is the agent and agrees to complete a professional clean on the agreed items as listed on this contract. The agent is obliged to clean those contracted items to the highest standard possible at the agreed intervals, subject to access to the designated property.

Future Cleans & Authorised Parties

The agent can only complete contracted cleans at the contracted address and only whilst either the client or stated Authorised Parties are present.  The agent cannot complete the contracted services in a vacant property.  All Authorised Parties should be over 18 years of age and normally reside in the property.

Contract Term

This agreement is for a minimum of 12 months, during this term the agent will provide the services agreed; both the number of items to be cleaned and frequency of the clean.  After 12 months the contract may continue on a 12-month rolling basis subject to any annual price change.


The client may reduce or increase both the number of items cleaned together with the frequency of cleans, down to a minimum of 1 item/once a year and up to a maximum of 6 items/3 times a year.  The agent requires any amendments to be made at the time of a contracted clean with an Authorised Oven Envy agent.

Payment Method

The agent shall collect regular payments from the client’s Bank or Building Society Account via Direct Debit.  Payment shall commence on 1st or 15th of the month directly after the agreement date.  The agent will collect any monthly arrears on the next possible due date of each month.  Arrears must be paid before any contract services can be carried out.

Cleaning Intervals

Once per year contract: The agent will endeavour to complete the agreed clean after 12 payments have been made.

Twice per year contract: The agent will endeavour to complete the agreed cleans after the 6th payment and again after the 12th payments have been made.

Three times per year contract: The agent will endeavour to complete the corresponding clean after the 4th, 8th and 12th payments have been made.

Contact from the Agent

The agent will endeavour to contact the client when the service is due.  First, by telephone using phone numbers provided by the client, then by text and/or email should those additional details be provided. The client can also contact the agent at any time to arrange the contracted cleans.  Whilst the company endeavours to contact the client at the contracted intervals, ultimate responsibility to ensure timely cleans remains with the client.

Forfeit: contracted cleans cannot roll over, should the agent demonstrate endeavour to arrange an appointment to complete the contracted cleans but to no avail, the agreed services shall be forfeited.  Contracted cleans are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Change of Address/Details

Should the client move property or change appliance they should inform the agent as soon as possible. It is sometimes possible for the contract to be transferred to a new address or appliance at the agent’s discretion and subject to the geographic location of the postcode change. Early cleaning requests, where the necessary payments have not yet been made, can sometimes be accommodated however during busy periods a surcharge will be made.


In addition to statutory 14-day cancellation rights this contract may be terminated by giving 3 months written notice to the Oven Envy direct.  Termination of the contract shall result in any future contracted cleans being forfeited.  No refund is available. Should the plan be cancelled and require reinstatement there is an administration fee of £25 payable.

Unpaid Direct debits

Any two (2) direct debits returned unpaid during the contract will void the contract. Reinstatement of the agreement carries an administration fee of £25. Void contacts have no monetary value and cannot be offset against payments made or future cleans.

Complaints Procedure

We aim to provide you with the highest standards of service.  However, if you feel we have failed to meet your expectations, we encourage you to contact us in the first instance, so we can endeavour to resolve any complaints swiftly.

Your initial concerns can be sent in writing to Oven Envy, Rossmore Business Village, Inward Way, Ellesmere Port CH65 3EY or by email to info@ovenevy.com or by telephone to 01244568640.

 Statutory Rights

This agreement does not affect your statutory rights