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Oven Repair And Care Services

Cooking is an essential part of everyday life and when your cooker stops working it can make life very difficult.

Oven Envy started just as an oven and appliance cleaning company, but we soon found that many customers were asking if we could help them to fix various aspects on their own appliance that were no longer working.

Oven Repair Service

This might be a loose pane of glass in an oven door or handle that no longer felt secure. It wasn’t long before we were being asked ‘if we knew someone who could replace a thermostat or renew an element or fan as well?’

We used several companies that we both knew and trusted in the area, but it was often hard to get a prompt appointment that suited our clients – so we decided to learn how it was done! We can now generally fix most parts in an electric oven, we can also generally source parts for a cooker that is up to 10 years old. Our spares supplier is the largest in Europe and they guarantee that if they can’t source it cannot be done.

Please note that we cannot undertake repairs to any gas appliances.


Specialist Services

We can also offer some exiting additional services that are not available anywhere else. We can now restore cast iron pan holders back to new.

This ‘Back to Black’ service includes collecting the items from your home then tank cleaning them overnight. We then respray them with a heat resistant paint (that is guaranteed up to 600c).

Once cured, which is generally just 24 hours, we will return them to your home and fit them back onto the hob for you. This service starts at just £69 including vat and they will look as good as new!

Competitive Prices

We pride ourselves in being able to offer a competitively priced, fast and efficient repair service.

We also evaluate all customer feedback which helps us to ensure we remain focused on the delivery of a first-class service.

When your oven is both cleaned professionally and working efficiently it will generally save up to £150 per year in reduced fuel costs – so it doesn’t really cost to have your oven cleaned it actually pays for itself!