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Upholstery Cleaning Professionals

Your sofa and soft furnishings are often the closest things to heaven after a long day at work!

They are also one of the most expensive items that you will ever buy for your home. No matter how carefully we treat them they will eventually stop looking their best.

Sometimes its our pets that get in on the act and sometimes accidents can happen when we are relaxing with a drink – or two!

Expert Upholstery Cleaners

Regular vacuuming is an important factor in maintaining the look and brightness of a fabric settee. Unremoved dust will alter the colours and detail of the material over time. After a while the discolouration cannot be removed by vacuuming alone. At Oven envy we have taken the skills and detail that we apply to our appliance cleaning and created Carpet Envy. This is the division that can take care of your home furnishings.

Dirt and oils transfer very easily from clothing and newsprint can often stain the arms of settees too. All soft furnishings are delicate, and colours can fade very easily if over worked, its often a good idea to let professional cleaners handle the job. We can determine the type of fabric and the best way to make it look like new again.

All our cleaning machines use twin suction vacuum removal when rinsing out the cleaning fluid. This means that the fabric is ‘touch dry’ immediately – as we leave so little moisture in the fabric. Leather presents a different set of problems when it needs cleaning. However, our specialist solutions can generally remove almost all staining that can occur and they also re-condition the leather, so it feels amazing again.

Upholstery Cleaning Cheshire

Upholstery Cleaning Costs

The cost to have your upholstered furniture cleaned depends mostly on two factors: the size of the furniture and the type of fabric it is made from.

The national average cost of upholstery cleaning ranges from around £75 to £175.

Furniture Size

Most people have multiple pieces cleaned at once, but we are happy to come to your home for just one heavily soiled couch or to spot-treat stains.

The smaller the furniture, the lower the cost: A lounge chair may cost on average £40 to clean, while a couch would be around £100 with an L-shaped sectional sofa and cushions costing nearer to £150.

Fabric Type

Delicate materials such as antique fabrics or suede upholstery are more expensive to clean than sturdier ones both because of the time and the expense of the solutions required.

Obviously all our technicians carry in home liability insurance to the value of £5 million and we have yet to clean a sofa that cost more than that to replace so we think we have you covered !!